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The island of Aegina ( Aigina ) is the largest of the islands found in the Saronic Gulf, and is a very popular island for Athenians, and also for visitors to Athens who would like to visit a Greek island for the day.

With frequent ferry boat and flying dolphin connections throughout the day, it is very easy to reach Aegina, and the journey time is about an hour or so.

There are ferry boats from Piraeus that dock at the ports of Souvala, Aegina town and Agia Marina. For journies to the port of Agia Marina, this boat is for foot passengers only, where as the other two ports cater for visitors travelling by car.

The island is very accessible and has a good roadnetwork, allowing visitors to easily travel around the island, and visit the various towns and resorts.

The resort of Agia Marina is located on the north-east side of Aegina, and is one of the most popular summer resorts on the island. The beautiful beach here is very popular during the hot summer months, and visitors from all over the island head here for swimming and relaxation at the famous Agia Marina beach.

The town of Agia Marina is well developed for tourism, and here you can find an excellent selection of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty meal or refreshing drink. There are also many shops here offering a variety of products and items.

There is a bus connection from Agia Marina to other parts of the island, so even if you arrive in Aegina on foot, you can easily travel around the island, visiting the various towns and places of interest such as the " Doric Temple of Aphaia Athena" located just outside Agia Marina, which is a beautiful Doric style temple.

Other places that are well worth visiting include the "Kolona" - a soletery standing column, that is all that remains from the Doric Temple of Apollon, dating from the 6th century BC. This column is located in Aegina town, and is visiable to all visitors arriving at the port here.

Aegina is a very beautiful island and one that offers the perfect setting for your relaxing and rewarding holidays here in Greece. It is an island that is easily accessible from Athens, and one that provides a perfect setting with some wonderful beaches, sights and places of great interest. At the Galini Hotel in Agia Marina, we hope to welcome you to Aegina in the near future, and help make your time spent here one that you will cherish and enjoy.